Quick Hero Battle Details

■ Summary

Fire Emblem Heroes: Quick Hero Battle is web content based on tjhe Fire Emblem Heroes game. It is a minigame where players are tasked with defeating enemy characters within a set period of time by taking advantage of the weapon triangle.

■ Event Period

8/30 8:00 PM PT to 9/7 7:59 PM PT

■ How to Participate

Anyone with a compatible smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet, can participate. (Some devices are not supported.)
Players who participate while using a linked Nintendo Account can also earn additional bonuses.
There are also additional features for players who participate using a linked Nintendo Account.
* Users without a Nintendo Account will need to register for one if they have not previously done so in order to play while signed in to a Nintendo Account.

■ How to Play

  • There are four color types: red, blue, green, and colorless.
  • These color types form the weapon triangle. Red is strong against green but weak to blue. Blue is strong against red but weak to green. Green is strong against blue but weak to red. Players can earn credit for defeating enemies by attacking with a color that has an advantage over the enemies that appear.
  • Players can also earn credit for attacking colorless-type enemies using the colorless option.
  • If you defeat multiple enemies in a row, you'll get a combo bonus.
  • If you use the colorless option (bow) to attack flier-type enemies, you'll get an additional combo bonus on top of any normal combo bonus.
  • If players do not use the color type with an advantage over the enemy, the enemy will attack the player.
  • There are three difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. The mode affects the amount of time before an enemy will attack. Normal: 3 seconds. Hard: 2 seconds. Lunatic: 1 second.
  • Please note you must be signed in to your Nintendo Account to access Hard and Lunatic modes.
  • The enemy will attack if the wait time reaches 0.
  • Once the total time limit for the game reaches 0, the results screen will display.
  • On the results screen, players can see how many points they earned based on the number of enemies they defeated and combo bonuses they accrued.
  • Players can play the game twice a day.
  • For the purposes of this event, a new day starts at 8:00 PM PT.
  • Users who select the Tweet And Try Again button to share their results screen on social media after playing will have the daily play limit removed. They can play as many times as they like until a new day starts at 8:00 PM PT.

■ Wallpaper Bonus

  • Players who reach a certain score in Quick Hero Battle will be able to access a page to download wallpapers featuring Choose Your Legends Heroes.
  • Please follow the instructions on that page to download the wallpaper. (You will not be able to download the wallpaper if you close the page without downloading, so please be careful.)
  • There are four different wallpapers to collect. The selection changes every two days.

■ Overall Point Total Bonus

Bonus items for use in Fire Emblem Heroes will be distributed to all players based on the overall point total obtained from all users during the event.
Overall Point Tiers:
500,000,000 - 999,999,999 Points: 2 Orbs and 500 Hero Feathers
1,000,000,000 - 1,499,999,999 Points: 5 Orbs and 2,000 Hero Feathers
1,500,000,000 Points: 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers
* As each point goal is met, new reward tiers replace earlier tiers.
* These bonus items are scheduled for distribution in mid-September 2017.

■ Signing In with a Nintendo Account

Players who sign in with a Nintendo Account to access the Quick Hero Battle site have access to the following additional features:
  • Players can access Hard and Lunatic modes.
  • Top-ranking characters from the Choose Your Legends event will appear as enemy characters.
  • Players can see a collection of Heroes they've defeated in Quick Hero Battle via their personal page.
  • Players can receive a bonus based on the number of days they have accessed the site, earning an additional 2 seconds of play time each day.

■ My Nintendo Platinum Points Bonus

  • Players who play Quick Hero Battle while signed in to a Nintendo Account will receive 200 Platinum Points for My Nintendo.
  • These bonus points are scheduled for distribution in mid-September 2017.
  • The bonus points will be directly applied to the user's Nintendo Account.
  • After the My Nintendo points are applied, a notification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address registered to the user's account.
  • Each account will receive bonus points for this event only once.

■ Personal Page Completion Wallpaper Bonus

Players can receive a bonus minicharacter wallpaper by gathering defeated Heroes on their personal page.

■ Additional Important Information

● Each user can participate in this event using a single Nintendo Account. If it is determined multiple accounts were improperly used, any benefits derived from participation will be invalidated at Nintendo's sole discretion.
● The Nintendo Account User Agreement (https://accounts.nintendo.com/term/eula/US?lang=en-US) applies to this event for any sections not detailed here.
● Inquiries about this event should be sent to the e-mail address listed below:

■ Recommended Environment (Browser / Operating System)

● Devices running iOS 8.0 or higher
Includes: iPhone 5S or newer / iPad Generation 5 or newer / iPad mini Generation 2 or newer / iPad Air / iPad Pro
Supported Browsers: Latest version of Safari or Chrome
● Devices running Android 4.2 or higher with at least 2 GB of RAM
Supported Browsers: Latest version of Chrome
* Operation not guaranteed on all devices.
* Variations in individual device specifications and other applications being run on a device may affect normal operation of this application.

● PC
Not supported.
Please use the code displayed when accessing from a PC to access this site on a smart device.

■ Technical Information

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