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Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon


Mystery of the Emblem / New Mystery of the Emblem

Genealogy of the Holy War

Thracia 776

The Binding Blade

The Blazing Blade

The Sacred Stones

Path of Radiance

Radiant Dawn



  • One hundred years have passed since the hero Anri defeated Medeus, the Shadow Dragon. The ensuing peace is shattered by Medeus's sudden resurrection. Aided by the Dark Pontifex, Gharnef, Medeus's goal is simple: to dominate the realm and revive the Dolhrian Empire. One of Anri's descendants, Prince Marth, marshals his meager forces in hopes of opposing Dolhr...
  • A war-torn continent, split into kingdoms of north and south, separates childhood friends Alm and Celica. Though they were raised apart, the fires of war stir emotions in each of them. What secrets do their pasts hold? And what destinies await them?
  • Thanks to Marth's heroic effort, the battle against Dolhr comes to a close. The people begin rebuilding their desolated homeland. As Marth's wedding day approaches, a message reaches him: "Suppress the Grustian rebellion." Though he has both questions and doubts, Marth begins to gather his troops...
  • The setting is Chalphy, a land where descendants of a crusader who once delivered the realm from grave danger dwell. Sigurd, the scion of its current ruler, gathers troops to rescue his childhood friend Edain after she is captured by a kingdom he had considered an ally. Sigurd has no way of knowing the fate that awaits them...
  • Leif, the last survivor of his royal line, is forced to flee his home and, after a time, settles in a hamlet. At the very same time, Seliph—Sigurd's orphan—gathers troops and takes the first steps to usher in a new era. It is 776, as the Grann Calendar reckons years... And Leif's personal holy war begins now.
  • On the continent of Elibe, mankind once fought the dragons—and won. Having done so, people spread their dominion across the land. A millennium passes uneventfully. Those years of stability are suddenly invasion. Roy, the son of a small southern region's ruler, is forced by his father's illness to lead the defensive charge. Determined to boldly face down the invaders, Roy begins his battle...
  • First released in North America under the title Fire Emblem, this title is set on the continent of Elibe, where history tells us that people and dragons once clashed. In the eastern plains, a young woman rescues a traveler who'd collapsed. The two begin a journey together—one filled with unexpected meetings and farewells. No one has any idea this is but the prologue to a protracted struggle...but the wheel of fate begins to turn.
  • In a realm where monsters have existed since ancient times, people used the Five Sacred Stones to seal them away, build nations, and dwell in peace. That peace, though seemingly eternal, cannot last. One proud nation, bearer of a Sacred Stone, turns to the conquest of its neighbors. Princess Eirika, a daughter of one such realm, is forced to flee to the lands of her allies. As war envelops the continent, a bizarre, foul shadow appears...and the princess must take sword in hand to defy the cruel destiny facing her and her comrades.
  • In a land blessed by the goddess, two races dwell. After many years of turmoil, with peace and war recurring in turn, the realm is split into seven nations. Ike, a novice fighter in a band of mercenaries based in one of them, spends his days training to take on his first job. It's a peaceful age, with no more than a skirmish fought. However, the shadows of strife are soon to be once again cast upon the land...
  • Three years have passed since Ike's heroic struggle, and the chains of imperial rule bind the citizens of one nation, defeated in the war, in oppression and poverty. They have but one hope: the Dawn Brigade. One of its members is Micaiah, the Silver-Haired Maiden, who possesses mysterious powers. She throws herself into the hopeless fray for the sake of the people. This leads to a war that will shake the destiny of the very world...
  • A world with a Divine Dragon who loves the people and a Fell Dragon who wishes to destroy them... A cataclysm that lets loose the Risen... A mysterious swordsman who wields a treasured blade that should not exist in duplicate but does... A threat from a neighboring kingdom that worships the Fell Dragon... Over countless battles, Prince Chrom of Ylisse and his group, the Shepherds, are drawn into a battle where the future is at stake...
  • The peace-loving kingdom of Hoshido strives to resist the expansionism of the Kingdom of Nohr. Tensions reach their limits, and large-scale war breaks out. Born a scion of Hoshido's royalty but raised in Nohr, the main character faces a crucial question: which kingdom to support.