The top-ranked Heroes will appear in special Choose Your Legends outfits!

Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends: Round 2

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The Choose Your Legends event is back!

Your choices will determine the top two male and female Heroes. They'll appear in Fire Emblem Heroes in special Choose Your Legends outfits.

You cannot vote for the following characters: Ike (Radiant Dawn), Masked Marth, and the winners of the first Choose Your Legends event, Ike (Path of Radiance), Lyn, Roy, and Lucina, that were added to the game in special Choose Your Legends outfits.

A gift for My Nintendo members!

Anyone who participates in Choose Your Legends while signed in to a Nintendo Account will receive 100 Platinum Points for My Nintendo.

* Points will be applied after the promotion ends.

* Please check the About Choose Your Legends page for more details.

Regular Platinum Points

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